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Favorite ThisGanja White Night & Boogie T team up on 'Flava'

Published: June 19, 2017

By: Chris Conte

Ganja White Night and Boogie T's new summer jam called “Flava” is shaping up to be a hot weather anthem. Starting off with a chill island vibe and a catchy hook quickly ascends into some seriously addicting wobbles. The groove takes you on an adventure up the side of a mountain then base jumps you straight off the side of the summit. Let this song rock in your car with the windows down cruising with the warm air or during a smoke sesh chilling with some friends; both scenarios apply and will be well accepted with this track. Turn up the volume, kick back and soak up the soundscape painted with guitars, bass and talent from Brussels and Louisiana. Where it starts to gain some really density is the second drop. The track goes from moose to elephant size, from Honda Civic to  Hummer H3T, from David to Goliath. Real deal wubs take over and you'll be headbanging in no time.

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Tags: Dubstep