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Favorite ThisG Jones drops That Odd EP in the Pit Of My Hard Drive for FREE!

Published: August 19, 2015

By: John Verwey

Emerging west coast heavy-hitter G Jones is at it again. Dropping 11 new tracks for his free release of a new EP titled That Odd EP From the Pit of My Hard Drive, it seems like he never leaves his workshop.

This EP has a little taste of everything from wavy synths and 8-bit to crazy glitchiness. Don't forget his signature heavy bass and the constant changes of 808’s, this dude has been putting in serious work. Opener "That Odd Feeling in the Pit of My Stomach" gives you that classic G Jones sound and sets the pace for the rest of the EP. "Lavender Town" brings a more downtempo feel, slowing things down with heavy 808's and deep bass lines. "Labyrinth" lives up to its name, and is all over the spectrum, changing tempos back and forth making your mind try and catch up. It really shows the constant hard work and progression Greg is building for his songs and shows.

Teasing some of these tracks on his latest mixtape "new beats 2015" he went back to remaster them for this huge free release. These new tracks are nothing short of bangers, having that in-your-face and deep feel, while still keeping his traditional sound.

Download this bad boy for FREE at

G JonesTrack List:
1. That Odd Feeling in the Pit of My Stomach
2. Verve
3. Broken Glowsticks
4. Apollo
5. Millennium Falcon (w/ Doshy)
6. Lavender Town
7. Air (w/ Zeke Beats)
8. Ned Flangers
9. Syntax Error
10. Labyrinth
11. Mirage (Ultra VIP)

Upcoming Tour Dates 2015:

Aug 20 - Madison, WI - Segredo
Aug 21 - Detroit, MI - Populux
Aug 22 - St. Louis, MO - 2720 Cherokee
Aug 29 - Atlanta, GA - Imagine Festival
Sep 4 - San Bernardino, CA - Nocturnal
Sep 5 - Maine - Great North Festival
Sep 18 - Oakdale, CA - Symbiosis Gathering
Sep 24 - Austin, TX - Vulcan Gas Company
Sep 26 - Mountain View, CA - Beyond Wonderland
Oct 9 - Adams, TN - Creatures of the Night Festival
Oct 10 - TBA
Oct 16 - Denver, CO - The Other Side
Oct 20 - Tallahassee, FL - w/ Keys & Krates
Oct 21 - Orlando, FL - w/ Keys & Krates
Oct 22 - Tampa Bay, FL - w/ Keys & Krates
Oct 23 - Gainesville, FL - w/ Keys & Krates
Oct 29 - Santa Ana, CA - Havoc @ Yost
Oct 31 - Grand Rapids, MI - Deltaplex
Nov 6 - Louisville, KY - Diamonds
Nov 7 - Asheville, NC - New Mountain Asheville
Nov 20 - San Francisco, CA - 1015 Folsom

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