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Favorite ThisFytch: The Forest EP Review

Published: January 31, 2012

By: Jordan Calvano

Stephane Lo Jacomo is quickly proving himself an artist to be reckoned with. A French transplant, he now lives and makes music in Den Haag, Netherlands, producing under the alias Fytch. He’s new to the dubstep game—but that kinda goes without saying… considering he’s only 16.

Over the past year Stephane has been releasing a prolific stream of tunes. His impressive originals feature the sultry vocals of Carmen Forbes on “Raindrops,” “Fly Away,” and “Winter Wind.” Then there’s Jacomo’s mind blowing remixes of artists like Little Boots, Nina Simone, Example, and one of the most explosive remixes of talented female performer Ellie Goulding, which is saying a lot, as she is one of the most remixed artists of the past year.

With his latest release, The Forest, Fytch takes his well-developed talents to new levels. While he is releasing this project as an unsigned act, it has found its way to Borgore’s much-acclaimed label Buygore. In an exclusive interview with The Untz, Jacomo states that, “The tracks on the album were started about 5 months ago and I recently decided to just finish them off, pack them into a little bundle and release them. The EP's got some influence of my oldest works and some experimental stuff. There's also a DnB track I put on there.”

The first track off Fytch’s newest release is “Mirage,” an emotional cut that retains its heaviness while being incredibly melodic, throughout. Fytch blends vocal with progressive wobbles that entrance the listener.

The title track rides in on the wings of diversity. While much slower than many of his works, Fytch pulls the listener in from the start, combining ample wobbles with vocal hooks to create an extremely funky sound. Well-produced drums and sirens help to round out this groove-laden track.

Closing the EP is “Sanctuary of Thoughts,” that singular drum and bass track. He states that it is the only DnB song that he has ever made, and it’s frankly quite nice to see a young artist diving into sonic experimentation. “Sanctuary” combines eerie synths with bright drums, exemplifying the functionality of intensity without violence.

Sure, the scene is stacked with young talent churning out hit after hit. Electronic music has always been a young man’s game. That being said, the industry seems to be betting on Fytch. We’ll see if that bet pays off…

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