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Favorite ThisFutexture: The Science of How Things Unfold Review

Published: May 1, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano
Every once in a while, an artist comes along who is deftly able to capture what it means to be connected with the sounds they are creating, weaving a connective thread between source and terminus. These musicians are able to transcend the barrier that stands between sonic waves compressing and decompressing in space and their target—the listener.
David Krantz is one such artist, whose talents extend far beyond the limits of instrumentation and production, tapping directly into the soul of the sound. The Asheville, North Carolina resident, better known as Futexture, is a musical wizard when it comes to mixing bits and pieces from a slew of different genres like IDM, hip-hop, and downtempo to create mystical potions of audio elixir. Krantz’s fine-tuned creations entrance and propel the mind into orbit. He has shown these captivating musical capabilities on his sensual reconfiguration of Björk, and on deep originals like “Flake” and “Silver Discs.”
With the most recent release from Futexture, Krantz takes his groundbreaking sounds to a whole new level on The Science of How Things Unfold.
Opening up the release is “Searching Through the Future,” which will instantly float the listener’s soul away on its sentimental instrumentation that sounds like a combination of a dubbed out mariachi band and a Middle Eastern symphony.
“Kineki Niko Goes Away” is a chilled out composition that features eerie synth work, transporting listeners to the tracks of a carnival ride, while on “Kineki Niko Encounters a Capy” our imaginary character travels through a futuristic world filled to the brim with emotive crescendos and effervescent melodies.
“Released” is a pulsating, bubbly tune that will have any listener closing their eyes and instantly imaging a thrilling journey throughout the deepest unexplored layers of the ocean alongside an armada of fish and tantalizing vocal samples.
“Nightmares & Friendly Tigers” is a symphonic masterpiece containing nostalgic guitar rhythms layered in-between a spree of harmonious dubbed out bass lines. Krantz is unafraid of the subtle and sweet—a welcome change from the end goal of his contemporaries, to obliterate ear drums with stomach-churning bass blasts.
“Fragility of Focus” features a charismatic and soulful mysticism that will help anyone tuned into its tasteful soundscapes detach from the real world and enter into a realm of unconscious capabilities, while “Home” will remind listeners of a late night car ride as its gentle piano melodies bring to end this memorable adventure.
The Science of How Things Unfold is a remarkable release that truly proves how gripping the music of Futexture really is.

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