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Favorite ThisFullyMaxxed unveils his future funk filled debut EP BEAUTIFLY

Published: October 4, 2016

By: Nadia Ahmed

FullyMaxxedThe future funk and glitch scene continues to grow as homegrown producers push their way into the world one--or five--tunes at a time. This proves to be true for our very own runner-up in The Untz Challenge, FullyMaxxed.

Coming in second place by voters during The Untz Challenge VII in 2016, falling only 41 votes short of the first place title with his track Shagadelic Stroll, he is ready to show us more with the BEAUTIFLY EP. My personal favorites, “Say Please” and “Pops’ Cheese” have been on repeat on this hazy day in the office.

On-the-rise producer Max Ferguson began his musical career spreading the love of Electronic Funk Music in April 2013. Hailing from Presidio, Texas doesn’t exactly put him in front of a huge EDM fan base, but BEAUTIFLY has the groove that will put West Texas funk on the map.

Listen, share and enjoy the new EP. In the words of FullyMaxxed himself, “Allow me to funk with your ears.”

Tags: DubstepGlitch