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Favorite ThisFS - Swings Joint

Published: March 11, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
The Jazz Age is back. I hope you didn't throw out your Gap khakis and your cute little maryjanes in '97. Nowadays, producers in the glitch and bass worlds are bouncing out beats that really roll end over end like an egg, lilting with that special, indefatigable essence. Brooklyn's FS, known the world over for high-powered collaborations, a dizzying array of instrumental skills, and one of the favorite contributions to The Untz 2011 Digital Music Sampler, has thrown down the gauntlet: "Swings Joint." Try and top that; dude swings harder than Art Blakey. His latest release Half Android speaks volumes for the creativity and caliber of production skill that the collection of tracks evokes.

Tags: Dubstep