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Favorite ThisFreddy Todd releases preview track - "FunkSlime GeneratoR"

Published: July 14, 2011

Freddy Todd has that Double Dare, Nickelodeon, Ghostbuster-sidekickin', Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2-vibe on lock. Yes, we know, that's "ooze" not "slime" in TMNT2, but you get the point--Todd's new brand of bassfunkslime is sticky, wet, messy, and groovy all in one, easy to ingest tube of mutant filth. Since his Neon Spectacle Operator album came out on Simplify a few months back, Detroit's Todd has been soaking up more of that Motown funk than Motor City Madman rock. Definitely more groove-heavy bass is making it's way into his sound.

His latest release, again coming out on Simplify on July 26th, will feature more than 20 tracks of glitchy goodness. His preview track, "FunkSlime GeneratoR," has that drippy VibeSquaD edge, with some harder bass drops in tow. Special funk bass was imported by scenestar Unc, and gives the cut a really buoyant, bouncy feel. Todd's making our day, hitting the road with Untz faves Minnesota and Omega through August. Don't sleep on this release, coming out in just over a week!  

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