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Favorite ThisFreddy Todd: Neon Spectacle Operator Review

Published: January 24, 2011

By Jamie Reysen

Freddy Todd has rung in the New Year with his first, full-length release: Neon Spectacle Operator. Coming in at more than two and a half hours spread over two discs, Operator features 28 tracks of glitchy, new music for electro fans. Each track is drenched in bass and synth. With so much syncopation throughout, the LP takes on a frenetic tone—never a dull moment. The best tracks are the ones infused with hip-hop. “Broken Fix,” featuring Black Mic, is a melting pot of rap, hip-hop, electro and glitch hop. Each genre plays well with others, merging seamlessly instead of fighting for space. Todd brings strings into the mix with “Blast Operator,” featuring Augusta Morrison. Eerie and orchestral at first, the cut becomes heavier and edgier as it evolves over the course of its eight-minute duration. “Lez Git Sick” shows off Freddy Todd’s skills as a producer. Its multitude of layers blends smoothly, which can’t be said for much of the album. Although there are a ton of sounds and rhythms throughout “Sick,” it comes off as simpler and uncomplicated in comparison to the other tracks—a welcome break from the chaos. Preview the LP through the five-track teaser below.

Blast Operators (ft. Augusta Morrison)

Winter Defroster


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