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Favorite ThisFreddy Todd - Feeln

Published: August 8, 2012
By: Anand HarshIf you've been wondering where Detroit glitch captain Freddy Todd has been, lately, we've got your answer: he fell into some sort of psychotropic wormhole in a grimy Motown alley, shot 158 years into the future, and cyborgs taught him how to speak the binary language of our alien overlords. If you thought he gave two shits about the rules, you're dead wrong. "Feeln" digitizes the Commodores, Michael Jackson, and Q-Tip, reaching forwards and backwards simultaneously. The Motor City sound has always been a part of what Todd does, but never has he nailed funkiness this precisely. Playing with the very fabric of time and space, rearranging otherworldly sounds like he's your camp counselor playing Cat's Cradle, Freddy Todd has such the touch of a juggler, keeping 20 different balls in the air and doing it so seamlessly, your brain shuts down and your booty lights up. Don't try to analyze what's happening, just let your feet do the thinking.

The Untz is absolutely thrilled to bring you this brand new bass blitz, a late summer anthem for the cerebral set and hep cats worldwide. To top it off, Evan Berman of Fyounk Clothing was so inspired by the 70's swagger of the cut, he assembled some trippy, throwback art that would make Pam Grier grin from ear to ear. Your ears will be thanking Freddy Todd, as well.

Album Art: