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Favorite ThisFrameworks sets the bar high for the perfect summer chill out

Published: July 28, 2017

By: Bo Nuanual

The Untz has been patiently waiting for Matthew Brewer’s sophomore full-length 12 track album to finally release in the wake of his stunning EP that came out roughly a year ago. Based on Frameworks’ artistic direction on the first album, we knew we were in for a treat and that it was an absolute must we keep him on our radar but holy good vibes—Frameworks’ KINGS album takes fans to a whole new level.

I suppose it is no surprise though; the minds at Loci Records know how to pick ‘em. Emancipator's Doug Appling absolutely knew what he was doing when he linked up with Brewer. Without a single voice of dissent, we all unanimously are in agreement, Frameworks’ sound has evolved into an even more beautiful and powerful force of inspiration.

Producers, fans, and peace seeking folks alike identify with the sound. This dude is fucking rad. The new album has us all smiling and deeply intrigued at what inspires him because we certainly are inspired as consequence of its creation and release into the ether. What really gets me excited for the near future is hearing these arrangements through his live band! The Frameworks Live Band will be on tour just weeks away. Spoons, forks, sporks, chopsticks—fuck it—we would definitely eat this shit up with our bare hands to get a taste of it this summer.

Here is a brief synopsis of what you can expect to find on the album:

  1. Komorebi” – A subtle intro tune. Chimes, strings, birds, and humans blended at low for 1:15 to prepare you for the messages to come. A great way to warm yourself up before the run.
  2. KINGS” – Downtempo riding on an organic organ groove and angelic guiding voice. Marimba, violin, soft rim shots, and catchy delicate and low leveled snare create a tender number invoking feelings of love and family.
  3. Titles” – Unique synth patches are found here and that rhythm gets you swaying. We love the flute, violin, and piano as the song rolls along.
  4. Three Years” – A fucking masterpiece. Energizing yet calming all at once.
  5. Nami” – Words do no justice here. “Nami” is going to be on a lot of playlists for a time to come. We will certainly be hearing this everywhere. It. Is. Hot. Downtempo future house and world music tribal vibes only partially describe it. Take a listen and get up to dance!
  6. “Save It All” (feat. Aisling Rhiannon) – Soulful and powerful in its message -what beautiful vocals! It’s pretty insane the range of styles Frameworks is capable of perfecting. This song is definitely a self-reflective number. Throw it on for that long drive to the coast and think deeply.
  7. “Kites” – I think I am in love with “Kites” pretty hardcore right now. A bit of a jungle feel to it but those horns and those vocal samples! By far this is one of the most unique songs of the year. Fuck, I really want to dance right now.
  8. “Trust The Flight” (feat. Aisling Rhiannon) – The vocal arrangement here is magical. I get taken away by this number. The production is stellar. I am a big fan of Bonobo but honestly, Frameworks is in the lead here.
  9. “Harvey Leonards” – The sounds here invoke feelings of being in the perfect bar. Not too crowded; not too empty. There is definitely an air of mischief but it’s uncertain how it will all play out.
  10. “All Day” – This song chills me out all day. I don’t know if it’s the rhythmic claps or the strings that get me to nod my head in agreement, but I am definitely in agreement.
  11. “Out Of Your Hands (feat. Jono McCleery) – This track changes things up on the album. It stands out because of the slower and more soulful sound. It’s great to hear male vocals in such a jazzy way in such modern music. Cello for the win!
  12. Come With Me” – Closes out with a powerful punch. The higher pitched vocals give you goosebumps.

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