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Favorite ThisForekast - Carnivore

Published: December 10, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Darren Ross is back on the scene with a brand new EP. The young, Pennsylvania-based producer, better known as Forekast, gives us a little different look with Fiction. We're thrilled to give our fans an exclusive stream of the album's B-side, "Carnivore." Wildly different from the last cut we heard, "Frankenstorm," with his buddy Tyga, this cut is definitely in the straight ahead "house" category. Immaculate production techniques are his hallmark. We've got this really punchy synth laying a foundation for a surprising vocal touch. Bubbling and intoxicating, "Carnivore" is all teeth and guts when we hit the climax. With young artists these days, it's all about keeping it fresh and switching it up when you feel a little stale. If you like the change-up as much as we do, head on over to Beatport and grab it for yourself.