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Favorite ThisForekast & TyGr - Frankenstorm

Published: October 29, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Forekast and TyGr are certainly keeping it relevant. With the impending landfall of Hurrican Sandy just hours away, Darren Ross and Tyler Graham released "Frankenstorm," a tribute to the tropical behemoth which stretches more than 800 miles across, and is bearing down on coastal New Jersey. En route to the most populous area of the United States, the storm has already claimed dozens of lives in the Caribbean, and moving at only 15 miles per hour, meteorologists predict Sandy's impact will be felt for days and days. So for those hunkering down on the east coast, we wish you the best of luck. Make sure you stock up on non-perishable food items, check your flashlight batteries, and download this slow-moving, punishing-as-all-getout tune. As heavy as the coming rains, this bass blaster packs the punch of the approaching Frankenstorm.