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Favorite ThisFilibusta: Honeycomb Eyes Review

Published: January 11, 2013
By: Alex Silva

Nobody knows the true value of your potential better than you do. Opening new doors and learning new ways of exploring that potential is key to distinguishing yourself from the billions of other people circling the game board with you. Teaching himself how to play guitar got Midwest-based producer Troy Probst off to a strong start, directing his naturally driven dexterities towards pushing his limits and mastering the unfamiliar. By 2007 Probst had begun to produce and mix electronic music under the name Filibusta, bracing the scene with his goal to “restore the progressive and melodic elements of glitch and dubstep.”
Appointed an impressive third place in the Untz Challenge III last spring, Filibusta has already grabbed our attention here at The Untz and has done so once again with the recent release of his 17-track album ‘Honeycomb Eyes,’ now available for free download on Soundcloud.
Paralleling the work of other contemporary artists like Gramatik, Archnemesis, Robotic Pirate Monkey and Satoru, his style combines gritty hip hop vocal samples with his handcrafted beats and gripping bass drives for an impressive balance of complexity, zest, and originality. His latest release, ‘Honeycomb Eyes,’ serves as a multifaceted backlash to popularized bass music. A bountiful mix of originals and remixes by artists like The Opensky, FractalStein, ENZYMES and more, it’s more than enough to help you break the ice with this young talent.

Filibusta is also recognized for his exclusive live shows that vary from each one-of-a-kind performance to the next. Keep an eye out for future tour dates in 2013 and beyond.

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