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Favorite ThisFigure: Monsters Volume 3

Published: October 25, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

For the last few years, Josh Gard has been lighting up America’s bass culture with a venomous sound focused single-mindedly on bringing the heavy. As FIGURE, he has become known as an extremely diverse producer, and is well known for bombarding fans with thunderous tracks all across the board.  

On his latest burst of rampant turmoil, Gard unleashes Monsters Volume 3 a jaw dropping set of venomous cuts best enjoyed during the spooky weeks of October.

Kicking open the creepy crawly thrill ride is “The Grave Yard,” which instantly torpedoes the brain with haunting background tones and relentless snare smacks. These build up to a head-spinning drop full of groundbreaking dub womps, catastrophic vocal samples, and an ominous ambience.  

“Otis” kickstarts with iconic movie quotes, before oozing out an endless supply of high-pitched synth lines and floor-rattling drumstep patterns. Heavy as hell, and that’s exactly how his fans like it. “Pounds of Blood” immediately touches down with drum smashing madness from the one and only Tommy Lee (ubiquitous drummer of Mötley Crüe), before blasting off with head-banging hip-hop samples and daunting synths progressions.

“No Turning Back” slowly guides the listener in with treacherous piano melodies and destructive strikes of thunder, before melting their minds with electrifying surges of trenchant, dubbed out drops. Not for the faint of heart, but that should go without saying.  

“Dead or Alive” features the menacing flows of Messinian, who quickly mutilates the beat with an endless supply of lyrical weaponry while covering topics like Wolf Blitzer’s eminent death, bustin’ caps, and the zombie apocalypse. Gard does his part by dropping radioactive bass bursts, and continuing his role as one of EDM’s biggest metal heads.

Figure keeps the ball rollin’ with another dark and twisted release just in time for Halloween.

The album also features bass throbbing revamps from Dr. Ozi, Phrenik, Alex Sin, J.Rabbit, Oscillator Z, and Ariok, as if things weren’t already chaotic enough.  

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepElectroHouse