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Favorite ThisFIGURE: Artist Spotlight

Published: June 20, 2012
By: Ty Allen

Today we’ve got a very special gift for the bass-heads out there, and you’d think it came straight from Santa himself…if old Saint Nick was actually a turntable-terminator, riding on an interstellar sleigh through a horrifying vortex of electricity. Luckily, while he may not carry around a big red bag (or own any reindeer) the Hoosier in question, known by the masses as FIGURE, does just that, and he has been dropping bass-powered presents down our auditory chimneys for quite some time. Well, just a few days ago, Christmas seemed to come early, when he released an absolutely thunderous remix to the recently distinguished hip-hop banger, Mercy

While there is minimal lyrical content this time around, it is true enough to the original version for hip-hop fans to still enjoy (especially if stealthily woven into the original during a set) and FIGURE goes in, as usual, beefing up the track with his signature sounds that could smelt ore (if that’s what faces were made out of). This track is simply, FIGURE (for lack of a better term), considering his inherent hip-hop beginnings along with his massive Gobstopper Remix, so don’t be surprised if we begin seeing more Drum-Hop fusion from this mad scientist. Oh, and did I mention it was free? Well, it is, and The Untz is more than happy to oblige. So much in fact that we have also thrown in a few more of his bass-donations, including the Gobstopper Remix and his latest collaboration from the Killabits’, We Have A Crisis EP  (out now!).
We are proud to present FIGURE, and we hope you all enjoy. So, open up the flues to those aforementioned chimneys, because the presents are dropping, and there’s no better way to give thanks for these bad boys than to amp that bass WAY up! 

Tags: Drum and BassDubstepElectroHouse