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Favorite ThisFelxprod: Mushroom Paradise

Published: January 9, 2013
By: Allegra Dimperio

Making his debut on this week is 20-year-old French producer Felxprod, who has been putting his MIDI to use making everything from house to dubstep to complextro. His latest release, “Mushroom Paradise,” is a luxurious track with elements of all three.
The track opens with a chord-based piano intro that dissolves into electro vocal tones and a drumstep beat. After a small build, Felxprod unleashes the track’s full, expansive charm – think Seven Lions or Adventure Club. The track does tip slightly on the monotonous side, not straying too far from its post-build roots, but its captivating melodic quality and tight production almost fully make up for this fact. With just two years of experience under his belt, but starting 2013 off strong, we’ll have our eye out for whatever else Felxprod has in store.