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Favorite ThisFelxprod: Interstellar Journey

Published: March 29, 2013
By: Jared Vinik

“Interstellar Journey” is the latest release from a very exciting up and coming new French producer, Felxprod. Working with a MIDI keyboard “Santa Claus brought me,” Felxprod produces a very beautiful and melodic brand of dubstep, taking the genre and really making it his own.
The track starts with smooth keyboard notes, signaling the start of your journey. Felxprod goes on to seamlessly mix multiple keyboard sounds with a slow, steady drumbeat. Add in some perfect effects and you truly feel as though you are on an interstellar journey. Felxprod nicely made the song available for free download at While not the type of music you expect to hear played on the main stage at a major festival, Felxprod is clearly a very talented young producer who is worth keeping your eye on.