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Favorite ThisFelxprod - Endless [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: January 6, 2014
By: Anand Harsh
Wow! We remember when this kid barely had a thousand likes on his page (if that). Since early 2013, we've been monitoring the progress of Felxprod. The French producer, just barely into his 20's, has atonished us over the past year with incredibly complex dubstep and electro tunes that are just as accessible as they are heavy. To celebrate 10,000 Likes on his Facebook page, Felix strikes that formula once more, marrying gorgeous melodies with growling bass that rips and roars its way through the track. The yin and yang of beauty and beastly is the winning combination for this young man, and we won't be surprised if he snags another 10K fans by the end of this week.