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Favorite ThisFelix Cartal: Different Faces Review

Published: March 27, 2012

By: Jordan Calvano

If you are immersed in today’s burgeoning EDM scene, then you’re likely aware of the powerful and diverse record label Dim Mak, whose roster boasts acts like Dada Life, Zedd, and Datsik. Steve Aoki’s brainchild has been busting out nothing but cuts of late, proving they’re at the top of their game in electro house and mind shattering dubstep.

One of their most recent releases is brought to us by talented young producer Felix Cartal. Vancouver’s Cartal has been around the block. Camp Bisco 9 attendees might recognize him as one of the breakthrough acts of the festival. Each track he drops seems to be handcrafted with singular purpose and vision. Cartal has demonstrated his massive production with fist-pumping remixes of Crystal Fighters, Britney Spears, and Chris Brown, while also dishing out a slew of originals on the critically-acclaimed Popular Music, The Joker, and Skeleton EP.

On his most recent burst of creative energy, Different Faces, Cartal challenges perceptions with a host of party rock.

The album opens with, “We Are All Aliens” a mesmerizing song that slowly winds the wheel of a jack-in-the-box. “H.U.N.T,” features the in-your-face vocals of Sebastien Grainger—a drinking song if there ever was one.

Tracks with potent female vocalists spring up throughout the album. “Tonight,” features a groovy bass line and the spectacular vocals of Maja Ivarrson (from The Sounds) which together entwine to create an instant classic that is as polished as it is addicting. “Don’t Turn On the Lights,” is an anthem of a track that contains charismatic synths and the vocals of Polina that will leave any audience begging for more Felix Cartal.

The album also possesses heavier songs that feature powerful sound waves and limitless possibilities. “Triple Deke,” opens up with head bobbing and blissful tones that eventually transition into eminent chaos when a sample screaming, “Bass,” strikes. “Fin,” is a constantly progressing track that will leave the listener wondering if the song has changed without their knowledge

Different Faces strikes with a fiery passion from start to finish and proves Felix Cartal is a force to be reckoned with.

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