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Favorite ThisFelguk: Slice & Dice EP

Published: July 11, 2013
By: Charles Walker

As pool parties and festivals across the globe are bursting at the seams, the highly energetic Brazilian dance duo of Felipe Lozinsky and Gustavo Rozenthal, a.k.a. Felguk, has just dropped their latest EP. We’re here to tell you that it is both ambitious and rambunctious; solidly stated, it's Slice & Dice.
Fel and Guk show fiery and playful sides of techno and house, while sprinkling in just the right amount of glitch in the track “Loudblue.” Giving it a high energy that would be welcomed with open arms, ears and bodies of those who can appreciate such a track, this is one track that shines.
Not only is this duo from Rio de Janeiro championing new music, they’re doing it with masterful pioneers who have been riding the wave of bass, house, dubstep, techno music and more for years now. Who could I be talking about? None other than Infected Mushroom and 12th Planet, who have both recently been getting in on the Felguk action helping to take things a step further.
“Shine On” with Infected Mushroom is a mysteriously bouncy track that brings on some reggae-dub beats supported by smooth, irie vocals with subtle trap sparks adding a bit of substance.  Then the “Slice & Dice” remix by 12th Planet is an infectious feel-good flow to it with chopped up high hats and the signature feel to what we’ve come to expect from 12th Planet.
Overall, I think this EP is going to get a lot of attention as it makes its way from daytime pool parties and nightclubs around the globe. And with the two cats that make up Felguk being in their prime, it’s safe to say we haven’t heard the last of them.

Tags: ElectroHouseLivetronicaPsytranceDrum and BassDubstep