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Favorite ThisFEEL SUBPAC Premiere of the Month: Andreilien

Published: September 20, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

One of the hottest, must-have toys for producers the world over has become the SubPac, which helps electronic music creators get a kinetic response from both the music they're creating and the music they're enjoying. This unique device allows the listener to actually get a sense of the power of their music in a portable, quiet-to-the-outside world discreet package.

AndreilienWorld-famous sound engineers like Richie Hawtin, Timbaland, and BT have created special videos, samples, and VST's specifically for SubPac users, and today, The Untz continues its series FEEL SUBPAC Premiere of the Month.

Andrei Olenev, better known as Andreilien, had one of the biggest halftime albums of the year in Algorithm, and has now created an exclusive new tune optimized for SubPac users. “Solid State” is a glitchy new delight from the revered producer that really shows you how intricate his low end can be. This tool turns into a precision instrument in Olenev's hands, and allows him to craft some incredible art with impeccable accuracy.

“The SUBPAC has become an essential part of my production process. It brings a whole other level of understanding exactly what is going on in the low frequencies,” Olenev adds. “That level of perception in the low end really helps in cleaning up, fattening, and finding the sweet spots in the sub frequencies.”

Find out why the SubPac has become an indispensible part of so many electronic music studios. Visit Andreilien's landing page to download this new track for free, and truly understand the power of harnessing your own music.

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