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Favorite ThisFeed Me & Crystal Fighters - Love is All I Got

Published: October 12, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Attention Britpop: you've still got it. The thing is, the old guard are changing. Gone are Pulp and Blur (though Damon Albarn is still going strong with Gorilliaz), and even the post-Britpop acts like Travis and Coldplay are fading like distant memories. Like any genre there is birth and death, and it only makes sense that the high-flying dance music producers of today would swoop in to save the masses from sugar deficiencies. This is not all to say that the new tune from Feed Me and Crystal Fighters is lacking in substance, just that it evokes those very 90's feelings of hummable melodies, sweet breaks, and heartfelt lyrics. Throw in Feed Me's glittering electro-house drops, and you've got a recipe for a throwback classic. There is a decidedly nostalgic feeling about his collab with the self-described Spanish "folktronica" act. To predate the Britpop movement, the song hearkens back to the free love vibe of the early rave era. Regardless of whatever high-minded, pompous BS we'd like to attribute to this new cut, it doesn't dilute the catchy--frankly, addictive--qualities of "Love Is All I Got."