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Favorite ThisFast Nasty Releases Free EP

Published: April 11, 2011

Untz Challenge finalist Fast Nasty, has just released a free EP.  Mourning the Empress packs in glitch, downtempo, and dubstep in a tight 3-track package.  Produced out of "love and loss," the EP is chill and introspective, while still packing a punch.  The title track sounds like glitched out Emancipator, with the drop coming more than two-thirds into the cut.  Such a cold, somber release to drop on the cusp of Spring, "Kings and Queens" sounds like the sun's rays being reflected through crystalline, twinkly snowflakes--a reflection of the EP's cover.  Let's hope Mr. Keaton doesn't throw himself in front of a car before the accolades come rolling in.  Admonitions of casual sex even make their way into the tune!  Nasty's run at the Battlme version of Neil Young's "Hey Hey My My" is rubbery and reflexive, leaving space for the original's fallow chords.  Dark, moody, and brooding, this EP is the musical equivalent of watching Sleepless in Seattle in your reindeer boxers while eating pickles out of the jar after a bad break up.

Tags: DubstepElectroGlitch