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Favorite ThisFast Nasty & Spooky Jones: Hypno Roll Review

Published: June 12, 2011

By: William Soto

Not all dubstep is created equal. Fast NastySpooky Jones’s latest joint venture, Hypno Roll, follows the adage that if some bass is good, more must be better. The EP is a showcase of the abilities of these two producers. With two co-produced tracks and two solo tracks, Spooky Jones and Fast Nasty have a chance to show off their own unique styles of glitch and bass music, and what happens when these two methods collide.

The joint tracks have some of the deepest bass of the entire album while the solo tracks tend to be on the lighter side. “Hypno Roll” and “Sex Stain” are excellent showcases of southern dubstep at its best. Deep, rolling bass is what these two tracks are all about. The two solo tracks show just exactly what Spooky Jones and Fast Nasty are capable of doing on their own. Spooky Jones gives credence to the title of the EP with his track “Red Desert.” It’s a slower style dubstep that includes sounds not normally found in dubstep. Fast Nasty adds some deep vocals to the mix with his track “Press My Buttons” and it manages to do just that. It does all the right things at all the right times with its well placed vocals and drops.

Fast Nasty and Spooky Jones are top-notch producers that manage to stand out with their unique style of southern dubstep. Their tandem stylings were certainly esteemed enough to land the duo in the finals of the first Untz Challenge. Incubated under the watchful eye of Bill Schimel (a.k.a. DJ and producer Mindelixir), this debut EP is probably not the last collaboration between the guys and Atlanta’s indie-glitch-and-step tastemaker ALR Recordings. Hypno Roll is evidence that some dubstep is created more equal than others.

Hypno Roll

Sex Stain

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