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Favorite ThisFar Too Loud talks cocktails and Cocktails of Awesome remix EP

Published: March 23, 2015

Today, Oli Cash, better known as Far Too Loud dropped his Cocktails of Awesome remix EP on No Tomorrow Recordings. The four-track EP contains contributions from 501, Trumpdisco, and Michael White, and even the very first FTL drum & bass production. What better way to celebrate than quiz Oli on his cocktail preferences?
First up an obvious one, whats your favourite cocktail?
Can't beat a god Whisky Mac in my opinion.  Pass me a cocktail menu and I'll instantly browse the whisky ones first, though. I love whisky!
And least favourite?
Long Island Ice Tea.  What a nasty and unrefined combination of alcohol that is!
Whats on your DJ rider for drinks?
Whisky!  And some beer.  And some Red Bull, which I hate, but a can of it really does do wonders right before a set when you're feeling tired...which is quite often when touring. I've tried other more natural energy drinks but none of them seem to work as good. And water is on there too. Always drink plenty of water, gotta keep my skin looking young!
Being that you have played alongside a lot of other top DJ's whats the most ridiculous drinks rider you have seen?
I seem to remember when 2 Live Crew were at Breakfest in Perth, Australia and had a ridiculous drinks rider with all really expensive brandy and champagne and so on.  The promoters watched in horror as they didn't drink any of it and just splashed it over the crowd mid-set!
We hear 'Twisted Lemon' is a one of the best cocktail bars in your hometown Brighton, UK. Any others you can recommend?
It's great if you want a cocktail that also doubles as a dessert (think ice cream, cookies etc. thrown in there), and their cherry bakewell shooters are awesome, but I always preferred upstairs at Okinami (downstairs is a sushi restaurant and Fatboy Slim is a patron).  It's more classy, the menu is small but always well picked, and you get a nice view from the balcony.  There's a new one called The Cocktail Shack that looks promising though, still need to check it out.
Of course - the interview wouldn't complete with a short story where cocktail drinking gets out of hand - care to indulge?
This has just reminded me of a time when I was younger and went travelling round South America on an overland truck.  It was a few weeks into the trip the group of people just weren't getting on with each other.  We were in some back town right down south in Argentina and decided to have a little party to get drunk, unwind and try to forget all the tension.   We made two huge vats of punch but no-one was really in the mood to try and patch up differences and all just sauntered off to bed except myself and a kiwi guy, who took one vat each and consumed as much as possible, through drinking games.  I remember a cat coming in and we played drinking games with the cat, each trying different ways to get it to drink our respective punch.  After we couldn't deal with the punch any more we went into town, found a bar and made a huge vomity mess all over it.
Bonus Question: In the music industry you can come across a lot of cocks. Have you got any "tails" about this?
Cocks?  I've come across a lot of cunts.
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