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Favorite ThisEyeseeu premieres gritty single 'Fabric'

Published: June 26, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

EyeseeuAmongst our closest allies, we like to stay abreast of everything the Wormhole Music Group is up to, because not only are they bringing world class talent to the Bay Area, but they're also developing artists from the ground up who will soon takeover the scene.

Tomorrow (June 27), the label drops the new EP from Eyeseeu, an up-and-coming act from Los Angeles about whom we've heard much buzz, and witnessed it firsthand for ourselves. Peter Lyssikatos is a brave new sound designer operating in the same left-field areas as Thriftworks and CharlestheFirst, and has dropped singles and EP's on a number of outlets and labels in an effort to build his brand and get the word out. It's working.

Today, we premiere “Fabric,” the lead track from the new Eyeseeu EP, Sour Patch, which features three cuts from the prolific producer. The lead single is dark and ephemeral, haunting and elegant. Lyssikatos is a master of brooding basslines brushing up against shattered beats of broken electronics. “Fabric” glitters with shards of silicate glass, all that remains of an ancient machine hurled from the top floor of an urban parking garage. The mess of wires leads back to Wormhole's home base in the Bay, connected by twisted lines down to Eyeseeu's southern California outpost.

Catch Eyeseeu on Wednesday in LA. The Sub Surface crew is throw an Electronic Enlightenment Takeover with Thelem and special guests Mesck and Kid Nappa on June 28 at Union Nightclub. This will be a nice little celebration of the release of Sour Patch.

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