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Favorite ThisExclusive Interview with DJ Solar System + 2010 Mix Featuring New Tunes from the Upcoming Album

Published: March 31, 2010

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2010 Mix Featuring New Tunes from the Upcoming Album



Solar System - Wonders Of The Universe
Solar System - Must Be The Music
Solar System - Summer Rain
Solar System - Time To Rock
The Prodigy - Omen (Solar System RMX)
Solar System - Akku
X&I - The Vision (Solar System RMX)
Sun Project - Let It Burn (Solar System RMX)
Solar System - Majestic (New Version)
X Noize - Blind Spot (Solar System RMX)
Solar System - Sublime
Infected Mushroom - Symphonatic (Solar System & Kopeikin RMX)

Exclusive Interview


Electronic music, as a genre, has always been evolving on the world stage. While music types like rock or punk grew initially out of one or two single countries, the electronic scene, even in its humble beginnings, can be linked to locales all across the globe. Perhaps the widespread distribution is thanks to the ever growing convenience of the internet, or maybe it’s just because everyone likes to dance. Whatever it is, the electro–community has always welcomed artists with open arms, regardless of wherever they call home. All that matters to the listeners is talent. And for an artist like DJ Solar System, who hails from Israel, it’s made all the difference.

Voted one of the top 100 DJ’s by DJ Magazine in 2008, Solar System (aka Lior Lahav) has been making waves in the burgeoning psy-trance scene since he was just 18. Spinning his own brand of uplifting psy-trance, Lahav distances himself from other artists with his knack for melody and composition. While other DJ’s in the genre have tendencies to push the music into realms of the hardcore or dark variety, System combines the hypnotic, layered aspects of psy-trance with the moving and energizing melodies of traditional trance, creating a style all his own. Lahav says that his music’s inspiration comes from his own life experiences.

“I would say that Solar System is like a never-ending energy, an atmosphere of exciting and happy melodies with fat bass, combined with emotions, joy, and harmony,” System says. “Each track has a story behind it, which symbolizes my life story. Every track represents a different period of time I spent. For me, a new track is like a child's born. It has a name and goes with you for life.”

System has collaborated with big name artists like Infected Mushroom and Prodigy, but it was his 2008 album Private Selection that broke Lahav’s sound to the masses, earning him a spot in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s.

“It was one of the best and happiest thing that happened in my career,” he says.

As Lahav anticipates the upcoming release of his new album Must Be the Music, the DJ continues to reflect back on his ten years in electronic music, including much of his formative years as a teen in Israel.

“I was very young and the electronic music always drew me to make it by myself. Because of the power and emotion; the synthesizers, the sounds, a process of productions, which is a whole world…it always challenged me to learn and improve to be the best I can.” he said.

System credits his sound and career to the culture he grew up in.

“The Jews and Israelis are very happy and warm people and I take the happiness into my music.” System went on to say that this happy optimism has not only helped guide his journey, but has defined his sound as well.

“I believe this is the way of life-to be happy and optimistic, always. My main goal is to make people happy [through] my music, and when I play and see that happens, while they’re dancing and jumping all around, I feel like I managed [to] transfer them my joy.”

Though his studio work, along with the countless collaborations he’s taken part in, have made Solar System a well-known name, the DJ’s relentless touring experience has played a huge role in his newfound fan base. System fondly recalls one of his favorite performances, when a young fan had a bit of an accident while trying to explain her approval of his music.

“A girl started to run to me fast, to the stage, screaming “What are you doing to me!!” She fell down, broke her hand, but got up and continued dancing. I was in shock! A day after, I got her number to call and ask if she was okay…she felt fine, laughed and said she would never forget my set and this experience. I told her I certainly won’t forget it either.”

Solar System, who says he doesn’t plan any of his sets, has benefitted from his true fandom of electronic music. By maintaining a constant level of improvisation during each show, System is able to approach his live performances from the viewpoint of the fans, reacting directly to the crowd, rather than a predetermined song list. This method of heightened focus on the audience, says the DJ, is the only way he knows to perform.

“What happens if it doesn’t work and the crowd doesn’t dance? The only way is to read the dance floor and play in real time, fit the music to the crowd in real time and let them enjoy a good set and always keep them surprised.”


And few could blame the hard-working artist for his reliance on the audience. With the types of international tours that an artist such as System regularly embarks on, the familiar scenes of dimly lit dance floors-and the people who fill them-are all which he can be sure of. The audience; the clubs; they become a performers sole reality. For the duration of the tour, they become all he knows. It can be easy to lose yourself in a crowd, especially when every night brings a new cast of faces, a new set of ears, a new buzz, a new high. Each show he plays across the globe brings its own wholly unique mob mentality to the venue. And Lahav realizes that the only way to keep up with the ever-changing cast of characters is to join in.

Lahav is a prize specimen because he truly never forgets his fans. System cites his fans for providing not only his inspiration, but some semblance of comfort and home while out on the road.

“To be honest, each show is like a high spiritual experience…in my tours in Brazil, it’s especially amazing and the crowd always warms me up when they dig my music and lift up the flag of Israel.”

While the electronic world hungrily awaits his new album, Solar System seems to be perched and ready on the edge of a new chapter in his already illustrious career. With a global legion of followers, an upcoming album, and a vigorous tour schedule featuring massive shows throughout Central and South America as well as Europe and Asia, Solar System looks poised to take over the trance world.

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