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Favorite ThisExclusive interview with Adrian Lux

Published: October 1, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Adrian LuxThe Untz got a chance to pick the brain of Swedish DJ/producer prodigy Adrian Lux. He discusses remixes, skateboarding, and his upcoming Australian tour. We also get a good T-Pain story thrown in for good measure.

Congratulations on the success of your new track, Adrian. Can you give us some background on the single and the inspiration behind it all? 


Thanks! Been working a lot this year trying to recreate that old 70's feeling. I'm inspired by many of those artists like The Doors, Iggy Pop, Jefferson Airplane etc. I was very happy that JJ were down to feature on it, they are one of the best and most exciting bands out there.


Another single you released this year was “Damaged,” which featured a skateboard heavy video. Is the skateboarding community something you feel passionate about, and have you ridden much in your life?

Yes, I feel very close to it. I worked in a skateboard shop a big part of my life and growing up skating was all I did. It felt cool to finally come back to that with the stuff Im doing now. 


Do you feel that much of what these skateboarders were talking about in the video is relevant to producing and playing music? Specifically, terms like “silence,” “float,” and “very wild” come to mind.

Yes, of course, it's a movement, the same as dance music is a movement! The things they are talking about are very relevant to music, too, because dance music and skateboarding are both things you have to throw yourself into without fear if you want to make something relevant, you have to be in for the experience.


Recently we saw you posting about studio time with Cash Cash. Any details you can share with us yet regarding that matter? 

Yes! We made a tune that felt like a very cool combination of our sounds! Awesome guys to work with, can't wait to play it to the masses!


Over the years, your tracks have been remixed by a slew of different artists in genres across the board. Not to pick favorites, but which remixes do you feel most passionate about and tend to bump the most? 

The Axwell & Henrik B one will always have a special place since it kind of changed my life! The Eric Prydz remix is the one I have been playing a lot recently, that was also huge for me since he is my biggest inspiration!


Your debut album and recent tracks have featured some incredible vocalists. If you could pick any three singers to work on upcoming releases, who would they be? 

Alva Tang, Elliphant, Lune and And Then, I already work with the people that I love working with, friends do it best!


As an artist from Sweden, we know you’ve got the lowdown on upcoming talent coming out of your home country? Are there any artists we should know about? 


Yes, all of the above! But there are always new cool music coming out of Sweden, very inspirational place for that.


You’ve been keeping yourself crazy busy these last few years touring, so we know there are some stories that need to be told. What are the wildest moment you’ve experienced while performing thus far? 

One time I almost broke my leg on stage. I was going on after T-Pain as a suprise act at this college graduation party. His last last song was "All I Do Is Win" and people including me went completely insane. He had like four dancers, a hype man, DJ etc, I was like, how the hell do I follow that with a DJ set being only me on stage. Well I tried cause I didnt want to give dance music a bad name, I wanted to show that we can bring that same vibe! So I guess I raged a little bit to hard and I fell over, the next day the airline had to wheel me through the airport! 


Thanks for the interview, Adrian. Any upcoming news we should know about? New music? Tours? Anything awesome really? 


Thank you! Next tour is in Australia, Im doing the WIld Child Tour there, It will be Incredible, I made alot of new music to premiere there and whole new visuals and stuff so Im very excited! More stuff is coming up soon...

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