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Favorite ThisExcision - Shambhala 2012 Dubstep Mix

Published: November 5, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Back in early August, a lil' guy by the name of Jeff Abel rocked a lil' festy known as Shambhala. Now for our uninitiated in the States, there's this giant landmass to the north known as "Canada." It's a punchline to most, but it's produced such luminaries as Jim Carrey, Pam Anderson, and Excision. It's up for debate who is truly responsible, but let's just say that dubstep wouldn't have the "edge" that it does if it hadn't gotten into the hands of Abel and his buddies Datsik and Downlink, among others. For many of today's super-aggressive dubstep producers, their initiation to the sound came from experiences at Excision sets at Shambhala in Salmo, BC. And so every year Excision returns and reinvents the game. Peep this mix of his monstrous 2012 Shambhala set featuring heavy-hitters like Crizzly, Delta Heavy, Jantsen, Antiserum,  Far Too Loud, Run DMT, and many, many more. This schizophrenic mix will have your neighbors banging their heads into your wall. And you thought Canadians were all nice and polite and shit...