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Favorite ThisExcision releases Coachella after movie, shifts focus to Destroid

Published: May 6, 2013
By: Bradley Lanphere

Jeff Abel, the Canadian dubstep DJ best known by his stage name Excision, recently finished his huge "Execution Tour" featuring his latest lighting rig, "The Executioner." This production setup unfolded a new look to bass music with a powerful audiovisual adventure that is changing the live musical performance. 
"The Executioner" includes an impressive video-mapping mechanism that displays a huge 420 square foot screen of pure 3D mapping that surely puts the audience in awe. It arranges stunning animations and 3D images that will never be the same throughout the show. "The Executioner" not only includes a breath taking musical set, but merges both audio and visual to sync the two together making it pleasing to both senses. Excision showed off "The Executioner" at his high profile performance at Coachella this past April.
Next up on Excision's agenda is the much anticipated project Destroid with Excision fronting alongside his fellow Canadian DJ Downlink, and Pendulum drummer KJ Sawka. Destroid is revolutionizing the dubstep genre bringing an unheard of full-on live band using their own custom MIDI-controlled guitars and a full electronic drum kit. 
Destroid's debut album The Invasion is due for a May 7th release date that includes 10 original tracks from the group. "The Invasion" is predicted to shake up the electronic music spectrum and they are hitting full stride inviting some of the best in the EDM business, including Bassnectar, Far Too Loud, Space Laces, Ajapai, and dubstep vocalist Messinian. Destroid plan The Invasion to sound louder than anything out there right now and to be the heaviest of the heavy in bass music.

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