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Favorite ThisEveryone at Saturate Records is flippin out about Chee.

Published: January 25, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Our homies at Saturate Records are straight slingin' us the heat on the regular, but I've never seen the crew so excited about an album release before. Mystery man Chee. out of South Africa has remained in the shadows, dealing out extraordinarily experimental tunes from the bottom of the continent, but we get a taste the of action in the first full tune making its way to light today.

Get Hot” is the first single off FEAR MONGER, and we're eternally grateful Saturate let us get our filthy paws on this thing. It's rough, tough, and even a lil' sexy, if we're being honest. Where the rest of the album drags itself across broken synths and shredded subs, this collab with German lowend whiz Noclu is buoyed by super sultry snares poppin' and pulsin' in time with a light melodic air. It hits the ears just right.

DJ's are fighting with each other to get their hands on this hot new record. It's going to be all yours on February 7 courtesy of the Saturated people, who always have your subs' be interest in mind.

Tags: ElectronicaHip HopTrap