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Favorite ThisEthan Glass issues a 'Beige Alert'

Published: November 14, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Ethan GlassThe crown prince of slimepunk is back with a big one. The SpaceFam has been eagerly awaiting “Beige Alert” since Space Jesus dropped this gnarly Ethan Glass track at SubOctave this summer.

Known for bombastic bass and unconventional builds and breaks, Glass has set the bar pretty high for himself, but he soars above the high watermark with a rugged, sawing wobble that rides above distorted vox and a thrilling snare pop. Don't blink, because true to punk form, this tune is under two minutes, but cunning DJ's will know just when to drop this one to set crowds ablaze.

Ethan Glass is slated to rendezvous with our Wormhole posse at The New Parish in Oakland, California on November 29th for Wormhole Wednesday alongside fellow Saturaterecords bad man (and all around bass legend Mark Instinct), ShadowTrix's Chops Junkie, and many more.

Tags: DubstepTrap