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Favorite ThisEthan Glass is getting in with the 'Voodoo People'

Published: June 17, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Ethan GlassOne of the favorite sons of Saturate Records returns home tomorrow. Ethan Glass is back on the German label with his Voodoo EP, a six-track selection of slimepunk dingers carefully curated by the east coast turned west coast underground bass producer.

Fans have already heard “Reality Check” and “Bungee Gum” from the forthcoming EP, but today we premiere the leadoff track, “Voodoo People,” which hits as hard as you'd hope. Glass' snares and synths are razor sharp, barbed like prison wire, and wrapped all the way around these gritty, effects heavy hooks. Smeared in industrial oil and bubbling with punky undertones, each Ethan Glass tune is hurled like a Molotov cocktail into your windshield. Careful with that aux cord, your Mini Cooper might light up like a fork in the microwave.

Voodoo EP is out June 18th on Saturate. Find out why Ethan Glass is the best-kept secret in bass.

Tags: DubstepElectronicaGlitchTrap