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Favorite ThisEpisode 50 - Tahiti 80

Published: February 2, 2011


For more than a decade, France's pop groups have been combining electronic and dance stylings with their own signature sounds.  Few have been as successful or as prolific as Tahiti 80.  With their latest album, The Past, the Present, and the Possible, Tahiti 80 takes Justice and Daft Punk-styled hooks, and slaps them on top of danceable beats and cool, crisp vocals.

Xavier Boyer is featured on this week's Untz Podcast.  As the frontman and one of the founding members of Tahiti 80, Boyer decided to learn some new gear and programming for the latest album.  While some tracks were written as straight-ahead guitar pop songs, the process of finalizing them including a great deal of synthesizers, loops, and sampling.  With the Solitary Bizness and Darlin EPs which led up to the latest record, several dance remixes of Tahiti 80's songs have been introduced into the mix.  Catchy and groundbreaking, Tahiti 80 proves pop can be brave.

Lo Bounce will be featured on next week's The Untz Podcast.  Giancarlo Pasquesi is a up-and-comer in the Chicago bass music scene.  His style of "drippy bass," is both fresh and inviting.  "Bouncetown," his debut, full-length album will be dropping (or should we say "dripping") early next week.


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