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Favorite ThisEpisode 47 - Hot Sugar

Published: January 10, 2011

Hot SugarDying Furbies, cap guns, and jank keyboards are all part of Nick Koenig's colorful arsenal. This indie filmmaker and multi-instrumentalist, better known as Hot Sugar, has a passion for the bizarre, and it comes across in his music--which is equal parts lo-fi hip-hop, Casio soul, and electro-pop.

Featuring a number of eclectic guest vocalists and hundreds of quirky samples, Hot Sugar's debut EP Muscle Milk is coming out on January 26th. The buzz abounds on message boards and underground publications. Koenig himself is fairly nonplussed about all the hubbub, content to just making beats and listening to his Biz Markie tapes. Fun times!

Emancipator will be featured on next week's The Untz Podcast. Doug Appling is a young producer whose beautiful and sweeping downtempo creations made him a star in Japan, and then put him on the bill with huge acts in the state, like Bassnectar.  Emancipator will be heading out on a cross-country tour with Blockhead on January 25th.

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