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Favorite ThisEpisode 46 - BT

Published: January 4, 2011

For almost two decades, Brian Transeau has been pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds in electronic music.  In the 90s, BT was at the forefront of the trance movement.  After becoming bored with the formulaic output of his own genre, Transeau branched out, working with such big time figures as Peter Gabriel, Tori Amos, and Tiësto.  BT is a huge inspiration in the field of music technology, as well, pioneering a technique known as the "stutter edit."  His software company Sonik Architects was just bought by Izotope, and is creating programs for the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Now, Transeau has reached a new plateau in his career.  His latest release, 2010's These Hopeful Machines, has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Electronic/Dance Album category.  In order to thank his fans for years of dedication, BT in conjunction with The Untz is giving away autographed copies of These Hopeful Machines to 2 lucky fans.  Please click HERE for more info on our special drawing.

Next week on the The Untz Podcast, indie beat artist Hot Sugar will be on the program.  This guy is goofy, fun, and quite possibly a genius...or just plain daffy.  You decide.  His debut EP Muscle Milk will be out soon, check out a behind the scenes video on his sampling style here.

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