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Favorite ThisEpisode 42 - MartyParty

Published: December 13, 2010


Martin Folb A.K.A. MartyParty is featured on this week's The Untz Podcast.  This South African native has fused downtempo, big chords, melodic runs, and dubstep into his own brand of music he has coined "purple."  He has a new EP out today, called Skukuza, and it's the first in a trio of releases on the new label The Confluence.

Folb began his music career, interestingly enough, as a software engineer living and working in Silicon Valley during the dotcom boom.  After fifteen years with one company, he decided to leave it all behind for Costa Rica and brought Ableton with him.  After two years, he had learned how to assemble his own tracks and MartyParty was born.  His shows are big, bold, and brash--a slight departure from the intellectual chill crunk of his PANTyRAiD collaboration with The Glich Mob's Ooah (Josh Mayer).  Expect big tour announcements from MartyParty in the near future.

Next week's The Untz Podcast will feature Bird of Prey.  Bay-area native Torin Goodnight fuses psytrance and dubstep in an irresistible fashion.  His EP Dreamcatcher is out now.

Click here to listen to "Los Angeles" from "Skukuza", leaked yetererday on

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