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Favorite ThisEpisode 39 - SuperDre

Published: November 22, 2010


Dre Wallace AKA SuperDre is pushing her minimal tech and house tracks across the country, spending a lot of time opening gigantic shows for Bassnectar on his latest Fall Tour.  It was recently announced that she'll be opening for Bassnectar on 12.30 in Atlanta, and then playing the official late night with Ana Sia after Bassnectar's big NYE bash.

Wallace has been part of the burgeoning scene in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for more than 6 years, a city perpetually overshadowed by the techno capital of Detroit but which is experiencing a resurgence. Holding down a late-night slot on WSNX's After Club and collaboratingwith local acts, SuperDre is doing her best to make the city a forcein the electronic scene.  Her new single "Get 'Em Up" featuring friends and partners Flying Without Wings will be coming out December 1st, to be followed up by her EP in January.

Multi-instrumentalist Derek VanScoten will be featured on next week's The Untz Podcast.  D.V.S.* mixes produced beats and live guitar to createan organic funk, soul, and hip-hop hybrid.

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