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Favorite ThisEpisode 35 - Particle

Published: October 26, 2010


It's been 10 years since the jam and electronic fusion act Particle burst out of Southern California.  Early adopters of the house and trance fusion, Particle quickly became a national touring act playing hundreds of shows a year for a mixed audience of late-night party enthusiasts.  In 2004, the group put out Launchpad, a highly successful album produced by Tom Rothrock (Beck, Moby) which garnered considerable praise.

Guitarist Charlie Hitchcock was brought on very early in the Particle timeline, but internal issues caused him to separate from the group in 2005.  Hitchcock has been playing around with various groups, including Green Lemon and the Clinton Administration, and also spent time playing in Australia and China. Recently, though, he's played a few shows with Particle, and is now doing a 4 show Halloween run through Colorado, and a couple more bonus dates in California and Arizona to celebrate the groups 10th anniversary.

Next week on the The Untz Podcast, Unicorn Kid is the featured guest.  Oliver Sabin is all of 18 years old, but this Scottish chiptune artist has made some high profile tracks of late, including the single "Dreamcatcher" and a remix of the Gorillaz "Jellyfish."

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