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Favorite ThisEpisode 33 - The Nadis Warriors

Published: October 12, 2010


Spirituality is sometimes hard to find in the club scene.  Usually, electronic music is all about the party.  The scene's bad rap among outsiders, and especially lawmen, is a direct result of some of the less than civil behavior the party tends to produce.  The Nadis Warriors out of Texas are on a quest to change the direction of the scene, and instill some positive vibes while they're at it.

Jason Hahn, an expert in holistic medicine and chakra specialist, is the producer and DJ behind the Nadis Warriors, who fuse Far East philosophy and intruments with Western psychedelia and trance music.  Although the band in its present incantation has been around for less than a year, the Nadis Warriors have played the Big Up and Wakarusa, and recently opened for Bassnectar in Dallas.  On 10.10.10, the band released a free, double album.  The first half, "Shamanic Invocations," features a talk by psychedelic advocate Alex Grey over otherworldly ambient trance.  The second half of the album, "Molly, Where Did Lucy Go?" delves deeper into the seedier world of the scene, and the darker realm of psytrance.  The Nadis Warriors are expected to announce a national tour very soon.

Nebraska's live breakbeat outfit Somasphere will be featured on next week's The Untz Podcast.  Their full-length album "Sine Language" comes out this Thursday, Oct. 14th.

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