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Favorite ThisEpisode 31 - KiloWatts

Published: September 27, 2010


Jamie Watts has done it all.  Ambient, downtempo, glitch, and even techno.  Using the moniker KiloWatts, he has put out several albums, compilations, and remixes, the newest of which is the EP "The Right Words," out today.

Watts grew up in Dallas, TX, tinkering with DOS trackers and video game music.  Now in Philadelphia, the DJ/producer is at the top of his game, putting out some of the most cutting edge electronic music in the country.  Currently, he is working on a project with Evan Bluetech called Invisible Allies, expect an EP in February 2011.

Next week on the program, Justin Aubuchon of MO Theory and Curt Heiny of Telepath have combined forces to create the vile, the conniving, the dirtiest of the dirty: Archnemesis.  Their new EP, "Diamonds & Glass" is available now.

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