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Favorite ThisEpisode 30 - Beats Antique

Published: September 21, 2010


Balkan viola, brash brass, and dubstep.  Only one group could even imagine of dropping those elements in a single sentence.  Beats Antique's new album is a crazy combo of Middle Eastern melodies, glitchy beats, and exotic sounds from around the world, and features a slew of guests from vocalist LYNX to harmonica virtuoso John Popper.

Producers David Satori and Tommy Chappel, along with dancer Zoe Jakes formed the Oakland trio only a few years ago.  In that time they have put out a couple of EPs and a full length disc.  Their stage show involves Broadway-style theatrics and is sure to impress.  Beats Antique is about to embark on a Fall tour that will take them across the country and out to a couple of big dates with Bassnectar.  Then its back west in time for a huge Halloween bash at the Fillmore in Denver with The Glitch Mob.

Next week, producer KiloWatts will be on the program.  This downtempo and breakbeat artist has a new EP, The Right Words, out Tuesday.

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