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Favorite ThisEpisode 3 - VibeSquaD

Published: March 22, 2010


The whompy bass and glitchy beats of Aaron Holstein, A.K.A. VibeSquaD are featured on this week's Untz Podcast.  Holstein was a huge jazz and jam fan in the 80's and 90's.  Fueled by Frank Zappa, Sun Ra, and Jerry Garcia, he endlessly practiced his scales, chords, and arpeggios, hoping to be a lead guitarist.  He studied at Berklee School of Music and Hampshire College, most notably under Dr. Yusef Lateef.  But after a decade of jazz combos left him playing in restaurants for a handful of people, he decided to move in a different direction.

Holstein was brought on by friends Jamie Janover and Michael Travis (String Cheese Incident) to play bass in their new experimental trance group Zilla, eventually adding a layer of electronic chirps and beeps as the project grew and developed.  Following the rise and eventual plateau of Zilla, Holstein reemerged as a completely electronic artist, blending dubstep, hip-hop, trance, and house as VibeSquaD.  Tracks from his 2007 EP, Return of the Pudding People, are featured on this program.

On next week's program, hear from Savoy, a young trio of musicians out of Colorado.  Gray Smith, Alex Ebert, and Mike Kelly discuss their brand of live dubstep, the transition from jazz-funk to electronica, and the exploding electronic scene in the Boulder-Denver area.

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