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Favorite ThisEpisode 29 - Papadosio

Published: September 14, 2010

The road is finally paying off for the electronica and prog act Papadosio. This summer, the band has played more than 20 festivals including a huge performance at All Good.  Blending deep funk, jam inflections, and lots of spacey electronica, Papadosio's sound is making them one of the biggest acts in the festival circuit today.

A lot of the band's success can be attributed to their popular "Observations" release from a year ago.  Papadosio's breaks and trance will be supported further when they add a fifth member, Sam Brouse (brother of keyboardist Billy Brouse), whose goal is to take over sample work, freeing up Thogmartin.  The band shows off their road-tested skill this weekend at the Wuhnurth Festival in Spencer, IN.

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Next Week:

Old-world instruments, odd arrangements, and a hip electronic battery are the backbone of the Oakland trio Beats Antique.  DJs Tommy Chappel, David Satori, and dancer Zoe Jakes put out a new record today, "Blind Threshhold," blending dubstep and Eastern melodies, glitch and brass.  Satori and Jakes will be on the program next week discussing their signature sultry sounds.

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