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Favorite ThisEpisode 28 - BoomBox

Published: September 7, 2010


This summer, the silky sounds of Zion Godchaux's voice have been merging with the light dance groove provided by BoomBox bandmate Russ Randolph on festival stages around the country.  Fresh off the release of this summer's downriverelectric, BoomBox has been pounding the pavement and is continuing on a big Fall tour.

The duo met when Godchaux's mother, Donna Jean Godchaux-McKay, and the rest of the Heart of Gold Band were in the process of redesigning their home studio. Randolph, a producer based in Muscle Shoals, AL was brought on to help with the modifications, but stayed to help cut what would become "At the Table," featuring tracks with Zion.  Godchaux and Randolph began messing around with drum machines and simple programs, and eventually put out their first album "Visions of Backbeat" without ever having played a show.

Next week, Papadosio will be featured on The Untz Podcast.  This Athens Ohio based trance and jam outfit has been featured at more than 20 festivals this summer.  How did they do it, we'll find out!

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