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Favorite ThisEpisode 26 - Signal Path (Part 1)

Published: August 29, 2010



The past few years have been a roller-coaster ride for Ryan Burnett and Damon Metzner of Signal Path.  After a spike in popularity during the mid-2000's, and a hiatus that spelled all but the end of the existing Signal Path format, the pair have emerged with another new album and a tour on the way.

Guitarist and producer Ryan Burnett has been putting the final touches on the new Signal Path album Imaginary Lines.  His clear vision and innovative style fusing elements from the vast continuum of electronic music are balanced by the organic, razor sharp drumming of Damon Metzner.

Listeners have a chance to win tickets to the Signal Path show with Blockhead and Nocando at Refuge in Portland, OR on Sept. 18th!  You can also download "Slow Your Thoughts," a new track from Imaginary Lines. Check out the second half of the interview tomorrow on the Untz Podcast, which features talk about the new album, the hiatus, and a brand spankin' new track from Imaginary Lines.

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