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Favorite ThisEpisode 25 - Loyal Divide

Published: August 26, 2010


Few mind-blowing albums come out of the pop, rock, electronica, and dance genres each year.  It's crazy to think that one group has done it in all four genres at once.  Loyal Divide will be raising a lot of eyebrows when their debut album "Bodice Ripper" is released.  Just when that is becomes the question--because they're not even signed.

Chicago's Loyal Divide has been around for 5 years and has released a couple of EPs.  They'll be performing Labor Day Weekend at the North Coast Music Festival at Chicago's Union Park.  Other acts include Benny Benassi, Paul van Dyk, Pretty Lights, Future Rock, Benga, The Chemical Brothers, and countless other electronic acts.  Loyal Divide also has a video for their "Vision Vision" track that's making the rounds.  Assembled by the BBGUN crew, the video depicts nightmarish scenes with only a few dozen (or maybe hundred) rolls of gaffer tape.


Loyal Divide - Vision Vision (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Next week, The Untz Podcast brings you a special double episode to coincide with the release of Imaginary Lines from livetronica duo Signal Path.  On Monday, hear the first episode, and a new track from the album.  Tuesday, catch the second-half of the interview with Signal Path's Ryan Burnett, as well as a never-before-heard new track.  On Wednesday, Sept. 1st, the album drops, so make sure you're checking out for details.

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