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Favorite ThisEpisode 23 - Virtual Boy

Published: August 10, 2010


The DJ's behind the L.A. sensation Virtual Boy are as young as they are talented.  Henry Allen came to Chapman University to study guitar; Preston Walker was to sing in the choir.  When the two met up and took a music technology class with 1320 Records artist Steve Nalepa, they found a shared interest--and knack--for electronic music.

After appearing on Mary Ann Hobbs' show on BBC radio, the Virtual Boy team found huge success with their own remixes, live shows, and albums.  Preston Walker and Henry Allen are featured on this week's The Untz Podcast.

Next week on the program, the featured guest is Jesse Miller of the post-rock, livetronica outfit Lotus.  They'll be headlining the Liberate Music and Yoga Festival in Vermont on August 21st.

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