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Favorite ThisEpisode 12 - Outersect

Published: May 26, 2010


Rob Rayle, better known as Outersect, is the featured guest on this week's The Untz Podcast.  Rayle is a classically trained pianist living in the Bay area.  In the mid-90's, a trip to Burning Man piqued Rayle's interest in electronic music, and he sought out the psychedelic raves of his hometown.  His latest album, God Love the Fool, is full of the ethno-breaks that have garnering Outersect some attention.

Make sure you listen to the bonus episode (coming soon) to hear about Rob Rayle's garage studio, which has hosted the likes of Bassnectar and Ott.  Rayle also talks about his relationship with Untz-veteran Simon Posford.

Next week on the program, Phutureprimitive will be the featured artist.  Rain is a down- and mid-tempo DJ with some really dark, almost--but not quite--dubsteppy grooves layered with hypnotic vocals. The new Phutureprimitive EP Luminous came out just this week.

Visit for a preview of some of the biggest electronic festivals of the summer.  Also, win a chance to DJ at Sonic Bloom by submitting your own tracks and remixes.

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