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Favorite ThisEpisode 11 - Kraddy

Published: May 20, 2010


On this week's The Untz Podcast, Matthew Kratz, better known as Kraddy, is the featured guest.  A New Yorker transplanted to the West Coast, Kraddy has been making glitchy dancehall beats for a decade.  His first releases, Truth has No Path and the Illegal Album, vaulted Kraddy into the spotlight and led to his collaboration with the Glitch Mob.

During his time with the Mob, Kraddy released "Android Porn," which, for many, encapsulates the glitch aesthetic.  Since leaving the Glitch Mob last year, Kraddy has been touring relentlessly, and just released an EP of Android Porn remixes.

Outersect will be featured on the Untz Podcast next week.  Rob Rayle's studio wizardry and global trance sounds have been blowing up the Outersect name on the West Coast.  He recently performed live with Simon Posford as Hallucinogen in San Francisco.

Make sure to check out The Untz's festival guide, so you can catch the biggest names in electronic music live this summer.  For all those at-home producers, there are several contests going on right now to get your tunes out there.

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